Important Documentations Needed for Uncontested Divorce

Make Sure to Be Prepared for Divorce Documentations

If you are going through a divorce and are not sure how to proceed, it is important to understand the process from beginning to end. You need to have all of your ducks in a row before you move forward with your divorce. This will help ensure that you get the results that you want and need for yourself and your children. Here we’ll discuss the important documents needed for an uncontested divorce.

Child Support Agreement

The first step in drafting your child support agreement is to decide how much you’ll be paying and when. Once this has been decided, it’s time to write up an agreement that both parties can sign. This document must be filed with the court and meet all state laws regarding custody agreements and child support orders.

Divorce Settle Agreement

A divorce settlement agreement is a written contract between the parties to the divorce. It’s also called a prenup or postnuptial agreement, but we like “settlement agreement” better because it doesn’t sound as ominous. A settlement agreement can have any number of clauses and terms, but both parties must agree on what’s included in the document before signing it. Also, you should make sure you’re both in agreement before signing anything on paper.

Notice of Hearing/ Notice of Intent to Defend

The first step in filing a Notice of Intent to Defend is to complete and submit a Request for a Hearing. This form should be submitted at least 10 days before your hearing date unless you are challenging an order or decision made by the Court on other grounds. In addition to serving Defendant with this request, you may want to file it with another party who has given written consent.

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