Answers to Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

If your marriage is over, and you want an uncontested divorce service, having a number to a reputable attorney is something of a must. Within this frequently asked questions article are facts about our NJ Divorce services, and what we can offer you.

Why hire your company?

Our law firm has been providing the residents of Jersey City, NJ with reliable services since 2001. All of our attorneys are experienced and they all possess more than a decade of experience and know everything about their individual fields, especially when it comes to dealing with bankruptcy services. Our attention to detail is meticulous, as it should be.

How is payment taken?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, most debit cards, cash, or checks.

Does the company only offer its services only to the residents of Jersey City, NJ?

No. Our practice also covers McGinley Square, NJ, and the surrounding areas.

What about discounts?

Use the 411Promo Code if you want a discount.

Does the company only work with residential customers?

Not at all! Everyone is free to hire our services, immaterial of what their background may be.

What services can the company offer me?

Our attorney can offer you the following list:

  • Bankruptcy Document Preparation

  • Affordable Divorce Document Preparation

  • Immigration Document Preparation

  • Name Change Document Preparation

  • Green Card Document Preparation

  • Citizenship Document Preparation

  • Expungement Service

Inquiries are welcome, so if you have any questions that you would like to pose to us, or need to discuss any of our services further, call us at the number we have included in the conclusion of this article.

What are the opening hours of NJ Divorce

We are open from:

Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM

Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM

Sunday, we are closed.

Are appointments necessary?

Yes, so if you need to see our attorney to discuss divorce maintenance and other services, call first to see if you can be what we call a walk-in. However, to ensure an appointment, it would be advisable to make one if the circumstances are not dire.

Can I get a free consultation?

Of course! Before we agree to take on a case, we need to know details of what the case is about to see if it is within our purview.

If I only needed help filling in documents, can I hire your company to do this?

Of course! We know that filling in complex paperwork can be a daunting task, so if you want to get it right the first time, you can rely on us.

Has the company had any updated client feedback regarding the services provided?

With over a decade of experience, we certainly do! Open our testimonial tab. This has all the information you need regarding our company and what people had to say about our affordable divorce assistance and other services.

Thanks to this frequent questions and answers post, you should have the confidence needed to proceed. If you would like to make an appointment with our bankruptcy preparer or just have more questions about our other services, please do not hesitate to contact us today at this number (973) 954-3200 at any time.